24 October 2016

End of October - One Week to Go for the Challenge!

Well, you have five days to complete and enter

Challenge #62

Outside Your Comfort Zone Twist: a different edge

 TWIST have a different edge!
Make of this what you want 
as long as no stamps are involved

The prize!

So......what are you waiting for?

Oh - inspiration.....

How about some love birds....

Greg Faull took this photo last week at a place called Tinderbox, in the Channel area of Southern Tasmania
Gotta love those Galahs - such cute birds.

CG - String Art ... takes so long!

I am lazy to try out shaped cards, thanks Susan for pulling me out of my comfort zone

Quilling - mmmm

You can enter your piece HERE
Scroll down to the Linky thing........

17 October 2016

Week Three of Challenge #62: Out of Your Comfort Zone

....with a twist of An Edge!

Well, from the edge of the world, here is another photo of flowers......irises!

Murrays Day Out Tasmania On the Tullymore Road , on Table Cape , Wynyard 

Hopefully you now feel comfortable enough to draw some inspiration from below and then dive into the challenge! Two more weeks to go.

Random prize draw

Well, this is meant to be a challenge where you try something from the many paper crafts that you have not tried before or rarely tried - something that makes you break out in a little sweat or get a bit uncomfortable whilst making it........for some it may be a mixed media piece, for others a technique they have not tried before, and for others a construction or 3D item they have not made before.

For me - well I am not good at the decoupage sheets - you know, the ones where you get an A4 sheet of images and part images, and you have to read the instructions and then cut it out (in that order apparently) and then put it all back together again.......and it is supposed to be a (wonderful) 3D image....but mine always looks slightly askew and slightly not right and generally a bit mmmmm.....

for Wynn it was a
 canvas and mixed media piece

I think she nailed it!

You can enter your piece HERE
Scroll down to the Linky thing........

10 October 2016

More tulips and winners from September

Just to prove it was no fluke growing those tulips in Tasmania (see last post at the Botanical Gardens, Hobart) here are two more stunning photographs to share of a tulip farm in the North West of the island of Tasmania -a place called Wynyard - about 4 hours drive away from me. The view is looking northy- west slightly, with Bass Strait in the background. 

It was a wet, wild, blustery weekend, but they still had lots of flowers! They grow for bulbs to sell, mostly, so the flowers are a secondary thing for them. Note the beautiful chocolate brown soil from this area - volcanic in origin they say. This is a big dairy area and a food bowl as well. 

Tulip Farm on Table Cape at Wynyard
by Dan Fellows

Tulips and gum trees -
Almost hurts your eyes doesn't it.

Winner's for September #61
Changing Seasons

The winner of the prize is:
No 7: Shartl

I could not comment on this card before as it is with Flicker and I am not a member, but I do love that little squirrel, holding his nut. 

The DT Favourite is

Congratulations to both of you clever crafting women!

On with new business - the current monthly challenge is 

Challenge #62

Outside Your Comfort Zone Twist: a different edge

 TWIST have a different edge!
Make of this what you want as long as no stamps are involved

The prize!

Guest Designer for this week

Richa Maurya

Hello ladies. This is Richa Maurya from India. I am a doctor by profession and crafter by passion. I am a relatively new crafter and blogger. For the first time I tried quilling for a Mother's Day gift. And I was amazed by how a piece of paper can be turned into something so mesmerising. And that was the point I entered this amazing world of crafting. Since then I have tried to learn more and more from all my fellow crafters. I just love making cards. Unstampablles is really special for me. Its my good luck charm. Won my first badge here and got this wonderful opportunity for which I am highly grateful to the whole Unstampabelles team, especially Susan.

Coming to Guest Designer Inspiration. I was pretty worried after seeing the theme of the challenge. But then I thought of trying something new and completely out of my comfort zone. So I created a mixed media art journal page. My very first attempt at mixed media.

WOW - what a stunner this is - especially for a first attempt! Love how that image is just outside its frame too. An 'edgy' look as well!

More inspiration for you also from me

A mixed media canvas

03 October 2016

Ooops - sorry I am so late! New Challenge is open now!

Challenge #62

Outside Your Comfort Zone Twist: a different edge

 TWIST have a different edge!

The prize!

There is a lot going on this month, so there are a lot of possibilities for creating....
Islamic New Year; Yom Kippur; footy finals; at the very end is the start of Diwali/Deepavali.......

My photo this week was taken by me!

I went to the local Botanical Gardens for lunch - well worth a visit - and the tulips were out and had been bashed about by the wind and rain quite a bit; this shot was between showers before we went into the Conservatory to see the orchids

Loved the smell from the stocks too - the orchids were magnificent as well.

Well - on to the challenge and some inspiration for you 

Dale finds girly layouts challenging.....but she nailed this one!

I have added the flower I created for last month's challenge

As most of my card making supplies are stamps every challenge at Unstampabelles pushes me outside my comfort zone! That is what challenges are meant to do.

A journal page using multi-media that was a total disaster! Not so  much an inspiration as a challenge to do better than this - there is not much of a challenge in that either - I was really outside my comfort zone!

So, over to you

Please remember not to use stamps

26 September 2016

Last week in September for Challenge #61

Theme: Changing Seasons!

The story of this photo is just ...well, I will let the photographer, Greg Faull, tell you all about it.......

Nature is full of surprises... at first he was Barry the Bennet's Wallaby but we soon discovered he was in fact a Barry-ette... this morning little Barry-ette came out to say hi :)

The twist this month is to make it masculine!

A touch of frost there in the background, spring flowers and sunshine,and a new kid on the block.....I'd say this is a changing season image!

Here is some more inspiration for you

Great layout - such a sweet face too!

Time for the beach or travel!

If that is not enough - what about this?

Random Number prize on offer

You can enter your work 

by scrolling down to the Linky
Ends Friday at midnight (AET)

19 September 2016

Week Three begins for the current challenge: #61 Changing Seasons

The twist this month is to make it masculine!

Midway through the challenge - Changing Seasons

Details and the Linky are below, so scroll down to week one and find them.

Here in the lovely land of Tassie, we have spring in full measure. The trees are laden with blossom and flowers, and the rain is doing it's best to spoil them. The wind blows inbetween and occasionally the sun comes out and the weather warms up!

This lovely stem of apple(cherry?) blossom was taken at the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens today in the rain by one of my favourite photographers - Greg Faull - and he has just posted it to FB.  

It will soon be time for the tulip festival there!
(Yes, another Greg photo)

Some more inspiration for you

New Home card - inspired from Pinterest

So, - short and sweet this week
Let's see what you can create!!

Remember, it does not have to be a card.

12 September 2016

Dam, the Winner's Post for August

Hello Peeps! I hope you are all having a great life and that the change of season is dealing well with you all! Today is the day we announce the winners from our contest last month, and we are so pleased with the entry number! Thank you for participating and putting your wonderful work into the challenge for us to admire and learn how to make. Now I don't want you to think I was swearing (or misspelling a word!) but I deliberately used the word 'dam' in my heading as I wanted to show you two photographs of a dam!

These two shots are from one of the Hydro Dams in the state of Tasmania - one taken in daylight and one in darkness. There are some incredible photographers out there in our land and I am so please they share their work so I can share it with you!

Anyone struggle with vertigo… what an incredible image above Gordon Dam thanks to Andrew Keanefrom Mad Keane Photography

Gordan Dam by Jason from Tassiegrammer who says: “Dare To Dream - I have a big thank you to say to Pedder Wilderness Lodge for the incredible hospitality they have shown me over the past couple of weeks while I have explored the South West Wilderness region of Tasmania to try and make some visions for images come to life, like here at Gordon Dam.”

Same dam - two different versions and angles. What about that night sky! Must have been a slow shutter speed shot 
I sound like I might know what I am talking about but I really don't. 

On with the show!
Last month we asked people to make

#60 for August - Anything BUT a card

and the  twist was to teach us how to make it!

The random number winner was

We had a younger member of the crafting fraternity join us last month and she made such a great job of her work, we decided to give her an encouragement award

Congratulations Ladies!

In addition we are giving two DT Favourites this month


Congratulations to you both and to all the other entrants, as it was a hard pick this month.

Hopefully we shall have just as hard a job this month with our new challenge

#61: Changing Seasons with a Twist of make it Masculine

Yes, there is a prize!

As usual we have inspiration for you and this month we also have another Guest Designer - one who I am sure you will all recognise as a gifted crafter.

Hello I'm ValeryAnne but better known in blogland as Mrs A.  Iv'e crafted for as long as I can remember and have tried my hand at most forms of art and crafting.  Mixed media is my passion and I love to play with odds of cardboard and paper and see what I can make from them.  I'm fascinated by the art of Origami and Iris folding and this is what I have made for my card to show you today.  (I'm slowly making my way through 460 Iris  folded cards to make by Maruscha Gaasenbeek & Tine Beauveser. ) I live in Hampshire, England with my long suffering husband who knows to run anything he is about to throw in the bin past me first.!!

The Design Team have a few new things too to show you - 

Christening for Grandson

 Based on a joke from the USA Midwest: There are 2 seasons, winter and road work!

Using a card topper from Crafty Bob!

Hope this inspires you to gt making for a seasonal card with a masculine flavour!

You can enter it 

by scrolling down to the linky.
Remember, no stamps please.

05 September 2016

Changing Seasons and a new Challenge #61

I hope all those Dad's out there had a Happy Father's Day on the 4th!

What else has happened? Well.........
Spring has sprung!

Well, it has here in the southern hemisphere - with a vengeance - and we get all sorts of visitors

HMAS Adelaide sailing up the Derwent River, during the week, thanks to Petty Officer Imagery Specialist Paul McCallum Royal Australian Navy

A family pod of dolphins at Little Swanport on Tassie’s East Coast thanks to Abel Photography

Well, we got all sorts of entries last month too and lots of them! Just as we like - remember, winners are announced next week. Thanks for the support. 

As there is a new season now 
 for our current challenge I have made it

#61: Changing Seasons with a Twist of make it Masculine

Yes, there is a prize!

We had Father's Day here in Australia on the first Sunday, so I expect quite a few of you made something for that! Remember, no stamps please. 

I have a few pieces of inspiration for you from the team to get you started.

First Communion Card

Golf season!

Shadow Box

You have until the 30th September to make an entry but don't wait too long as we love to see what you have come up with while paper crafting!

Please do not use stamps as I feel so terrible having to disqualify your wonderful work